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Lead For Today... 
the world needs you!

We provide programs, tools and services to help leaders navigate the unique challenges of leading in today's rapidly changing world.

Virtual Team Meeting

What We Do...


Our innovative products and programs build better leaders!

We offer quick solution tools and extended partnerships:

  • Lifted Leaders: 6-month customized program for leadership teams

  • Leadership Fundamentals: year-long virtual group coaching program

  • Leadership Affirmations

  • Leadership Planners


Tired of team offsites that leave everyone exhausted and ready for vacation?

We can help you build an agenda that balances:

  • Team Building

  • Business Planning

  • Development

  • ...and fun!


We deliver virtual team effectiveness training leveraging 

the 5 Dynamics model.

We help teams optimize:

  • Self-awareness

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Group dynamics

  • Project lifecycles


Need support building a comprehensive leadership development strategy?

We build world-class leadership models that incorporate:

  • Company culture

  • Employee engagement

  • Competencies

  • Long- and short-term strategic goals


Our Products...

Take your daily leadership practice to the next level with Lead For Today's
Leadership Affirmation Cards and The Developing Leader's Planner.

Leadership Affirmation Cards

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LAC_Good Example.png


The Developing Leader's Planner

Digital Download

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Co-branding & bulk ordering available
Contact us about large orders or tailoring
a product to your organization’s needs. 


"Her knowledge and perspectives allow her to encourage leadership from a unique viewpoint—one that inspires the collaborative and inclusive approaches leaders must take to maximize individual and team performance."

Tony Williams

Founder & CEO

The Men’s Empowerment Collective


"Kelly understands that all leaders are on different points along their journey. Her approach to developing leaders focuses on being mindful of meeting leaders where they are, and creating intentional experiences to help them grow."

Lydia Clarke

Global Head of Learning & Organizational Development

Simpson Strong-Tie


"Kelly has dedicated her time, talents, and resources to successfully training and empowering corporate employees as they evolve into leaders of the future… leaders with vision, leaders who can proactively navigate change, leaders with an appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness, leaders who can bring tangible and intangible benefits to the bottom line."

Sonjia Mackey

Owner and CEO

(Im)Possible Living, LLC

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