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Our Approach

Build sustainable learning through memorable experiences. 

Leaders come equipped with a lifetime of lived experience. We honor that innate knowledge, and use thinking, action, and reflection exercises as our design pillars. 

While it may sound counter-intuitive from a business perspective, we know that the most important part of what we do happens after we leave. That's why it's our top priority to leave you with sustainment tools to enable long-term success. 

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Founder and CEO

Kelly Morris

Our Founder

A Bay Area native, founder and CEO Kelly Morris started Lead for Today to help more leaders shape our world towards a more positive, equitable, and human-centered future.

She spent decades developing award-winning learning experiences and creating leadership development programs for emerging through C-suite leaders.


When she decided to step away from a successful corporate career, it was with two goals in mind:


  1. Reach more leaders than she could in any one organization, and 

  2. Bring a fresh perspective to the leadership development space.

Her signature program, Compassionate Leadership, takes an innovative approach of combining the latest research in human psychology and pairing it with leadership best practices that have stood the test of time. Learn from our history, shape a better future.    

Kelly loves to partner with clients and deliver the best solutions for their unique needs, so they have tools to build workplaces where everyone can THRIVE. 

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