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We provide highly interactive virtual learning experiences tailored for your organization. Engage your team in our year-long programs designed to help leaders grow and sustain learning over time. All topics are available as stand-alone workshops.   

Compassonate Leadership
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Compassionate Leadership

Our signature workshop leverages a trauma-informed approach to helping leaders build empathy. The program is tailored for each organization we work with and takes leaders through three stages of growth: Foundation, Transformation, and Implementation

Participants receive a course workbook, job aids to apply learning, and templates for use in daily leadership practices.


(3 hours or two 90-minute sessions)

Topics include: 
  • Types of Empathy

  • Anticipating Employee Needs

  • Tips for Repairing Relationships

  • How Trauma Impacts Performance

  • Reducing Workplace Harm

  • Listening for Resonance

  • Compassionate Self-Reflection

  • Organizational Strategies

  • Measuring Success

Compassionate Leadership is available as a self-paced online course.
Visit our online course website to enroll.
Lifted Leaders Program
Lifted Leaders Section Image.png

For organizations looking to deepen commitment and build compassionate workplaces, our year-long Lifted Leaders program expands upon the concepts in Compassionate Leadership to help leaders extend their growth, practice in a safe environment, and apply new approaches to the way they lead.

Monthly workshop topics can be tailored based on specific organizational needs.


(90-minute monthly sessions)

Monthly workshops include: 
  • Exploring Trauma

  • Building Empathy

  • Self-Reflection Practices

  • Building a Compassionate Leadership Philosophy

  • Psychological Safety

  • Practicing Acceptance

  • Practicing Advocacy

  • Building Trust

  • Compassionate Communication

  • Compassionate Feedback

  • Interrupting Harm

Lifted Leaders Program

Leadership Fundamentals
Leadership Fundamentals Section Image.png

Great for organizations looking to provide less formal learning opportunities for leaders who are new to leading or want a refresher. Our Leadership Fundamentals Group Coaching program provides a foundation for growth. Participants receive our Developing Leader's Planner and complete monthly micro-learning, recommended actions, and self-reflection exercises before attending interactive live sessions.


(90-minute monthly sessions)

Monthly workshops include: 
  • Building Trust

  • Self-Reflection

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing Self & Team

  • Feedback & Recognition

  • Values

  • Building Relationships

  • Leading Change

  • Managing Conflict

  • Sharing Vision

  • Fostering Innovation

  • Achieving Results

Leadership Fundamentals

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