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Leadership Affirmation Cards

SKU: 9781647754471
  • Start each day with a positive, powerful mindset about your leadership.

    Designed using leadership best practices, neuroleadership principles, and mindfulness techniques, our Leadership Affirmation Cards were developed to help you set your intention each day to lead at your best.

    What's Included: 

    Each deck includes 54 beautifully designed cards, including instructions for a simple 5-minute daily practice as well as advanced practice prompts.

    Affirmation statements support leadership behaviors that foster engaged, effective teams:

    • ​Building trust​
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Feedback
    • Recognition
    • Self-reflection
    • Managing conflict
    • Diversity
    • Integrity
    • Innovation
    • Psychological safety
    • Achieving results
    • Developing self and team
    • Coaching
    • Vision


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