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Ready to Boost your Leadership?

Download the digital version of The Developing Leader’s Planner and get a full year of content to help you grow as a leader. Whether you are new to leadership or want to refresh your leadership skills, The Developing Leader’s Planner can help you learn, focus, and reflect on your leadership practices. 

What's Included?

The Digital Developing Leader’s Planner includes:

  • Over 70 pages of content designed to support you on your learning journey

  • A recommended learning path

  • A new development pillar for each month of the year

  • Micro learning quick tips and reminders to help you focus on the most impactful aspects of leading

  • Developmental questions to prompt your thinking and plan new actions each month

  • Reflective questions to help you synthesize what you’ve learned and plan for continued growth

  • An undated monthly calendar – start anytime

  • A monthly affirmation to support your focus and intention

  • An easy-to-use fillable PDF – download, save, take it anywhere…use on a computer or mobile device

Who is it for?

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What people are saying...

“This is the kind of thing I’ve been looking for. I want to be a better leader for my team.”

A message from Lead For Today’s founder...

TLDR: This planner rocks!

Over my years building and running leadership development programs, one thing has always been true: the real work of development happens outside of the training room. We can impart all kinds of knowledge but what you do with it is what will make a difference in your life, for your teams, within your organization, and within your community. 

This planner is a tool to help you focus on one area of practice each month. We've provided tips and insights based on the most impactful leadership behaviors, and opportunities for you to reflect. Our approach infuses self-regulation—a process used by athletes and other professionals who develop deep expertise in any given area. Self-regulation is an iterative process of planning, reflecting on progress, and adapting, before beginning the cycle again. 

The interesting thing about self-regulation is that it is focus-specific. We can be self-regulated in one aspect of our lives, while other areas suffer. The good news is, once we know this, we can apply self-regulating practices to any desired behavior to deepen our expertise. The Developing Leader's Planner was designed to help you apply these practices to your own development journey. 

While there is no shortage of people in management positions, the world is in real need of better leaders in every role. Our programs at Lead For Today are designed to lift your leadership practice by providing tools, like this planner, to help you think about your development daily and apply what you learn. You can fulfill the hope for better leadership!

We invite you to Lead For Today; the world needs you.

In growth,


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